Lip line & blush added in a natural colour and style


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Lip line & blush added in a bold colour to enhance the clients lips 


Semi-Permanent Lips

Do you line and paint your lips to perfect your pout?


Adding a tint of colour can really enhance your lips as well as polish off your look.

Taylor'd offers three semi-permanent options for your lips including;

Lip line; to slightly enlarge the look of your lips and to define the shape.

Lip blush; to leave a tint of colour on your lips.

Lip line and lip blush combined; Leaves the fully defined and tinted look.

Using a range of colours, we can mix and individualise to ensure that you receive the desired and best suited look to compliment both your style and complexion.

You can be rest assured that our beautiful, clean and private facilities will ensure their highest level of comfort and a topical anaesthetic will be used to minimise any discomfort.


To learn more about how this service can be personalised for your unique needs, please reach out today.



Lip line & blush added in a bold colour to enhance the clients lips 


No more need for lipstick...

Lip line and blush has been added to enhance, define and bolden my clients lips

Treatment price deduced by deposit paid

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