What is Semi-Permanent Makeup?


SPMU is a complexion treatment given to enhance your eyes, brows and lips, adding definition to the face. This technique involves injecting pigment through a fine vibrating needle into the most superficial layers of the skin



What to expect post treatment?

Results vary from client to client, being dependent on your individual health, lifestyle and skin type. As mentioned above, you will be invited in for a second treatment for your brows and if a small top up is needed for your lips post the initial healing this will also be inclusive in the original cost.



What’s the Procedure?

  • First a full consultation will be given to discuss the treatment/s desired, answer any questions and give you a compulsory test to your skin with a dab of the pigment covered by a waterproof plaster to sit on your skin for 24hrs. This is to ensure that there are no underlying allergies to the pigment or numbing cream used.

  • Treatment day! Numbing cream will first be applied to area of treatment and you will be asked to sit for approximately 15-20minutes and complete the remaining treatment form. Once the area feels numb the treatment will start. You may still feel a slight scratch to start but the pain should then be subdued. Elle will be happy to stop at any point during if there is need for a further numbing liquid to be applied.


  • Post treatment, Elle will give you both aftercare instructions and a sachet of gel to use on the treated skin as it heals during the first 7-14 days post treatment. 
    *If you have had service to your eyebrows, you will be invited back in for a small top up within 2-4 weeks dependent on your healing time.


What are the Risks?


Every cosmetic skin procedure involves a very small degree of risk and although exceedingly uncommon post a successful skin test, it is important to know that there is still a rare risk involved with semi-permanent makeup.



 Permanency and Removal


Semi-permanent makeup will last approximately 6-30 months depending on the area and how well you keep to the recommended aftercare. After this time the pigment will fade and a top up will be needed to re-enhance the colour. Removal is an option if you are in need of any corrective work post a previous treatment.





The topical anesthetic, colour pigment or the nickel in tattoo needles may trigger an allergic reaction in rare cases. This will be why a 24hr skin test is necessary prior to your treatment.



Skin/Would Infections


Tools will be pre-sterilized and disposable, disposed of after every use. Cross-contamination procedures are strictly followed and all surfaces and the chair will be disinfected prior to each new visit.